Saturday, April 28, 2001

WANTED: Agents For Bangladesh - Recruitment Open

I am an ardent anti-Indian for the same reason that I am anti-Pakistani, for all said and done I am pro-Bangladesh. Rather than going half way, or both way, I am part of a new generation that believes that 3 million people laid down their lives, not for the interest of those above mentioned countries - but for the red and green: Bangladesh. My mother drunk or sober - my country right or wrong is an old adage. Loving ones country and standing up for its cause more than anything else in life is hopefully no crime or a sin.

I am not in the employ of the ISI, RAW, CIA or any other agency. I do not vote - because non-of our political parties have an iota of patriotism and are demeaningly corrupt and parochial. If I am only just one person in Bangladesh that thinks this way - hey, I am still one of its citizens and have a right to speak up just like anybody else. At best one may call me an Agent for Bangladesh - unfortunately I still have not figured out a three-letter international agency identification prefix!

The rare 'patriotism' displayed by A.H.Jafforullah in his Viewing Bangladesh's current problem through a chink is a glaring case in point at how low our 'blessed' expatriates living in the comfort of the USA with suspect Phd's would stoop to perpetuate a 'pro-India' agenda in their thinking and writing. Because I ascribed direct blame on the Indian RAW for the Ramna Botomul blast as also the border skirmishes with India in recent weeks, has earned me his wrath, and his long unintelligible diatribe on the NFB indicates very clearly how great an India lover he is. No big deal - for bigger deals awaits the watershed motherland.

First to begin with the numbers. I still maintain that the crowd in and around Ramna Botomul was well over 300, thousand on the 14th April 2001, and is no way near 20,thousand. Another India lover also went to the extent of changing the venue of Ramna Batamul to the Bangla Academy - such is the level of intellect ! Howevedr the multitude of heads thronging all the way from Shahbag through to Ramna Park up until Kakrail and on to Suhrwardy Uddayan - the figure could indeed be close to half a million! Unknown to Jaffor, is the fact that I was commissioned and was responsible for the management and performance of the sound system in the Chayyanaut concert in the same venue on Pohela Boishakh 1400 - corresponding to 14th April 1993. I exactly know the kind of logistic required to cater to that number of people - in 1993 for instance it was well over 100,000. To conclude that the number over the last eight-year has doubled or tripled was probably on my part an understatement. I was speaking from experience on first hand crowd management and certainly not off the cuff.

Getting back to my assertion that it was the RAW who was responsible for the blast and the previous blast's, is only because our media and 'intellectuals' the likes of Jaffor would go on this hype of 'fundamentalist' and 'ISI links' everytime - the truth is nowhere down the line could they ever prove the involvement of EITHER. Why is that so? If we are so sure of such subversions - why is it that we have never been able to detect those involved and book them? How come once the Bangladesh Army takes over the explosive investigation - that it is the last we ever hear about it?

RAW operates in Bangladesh at ease, because essentially the media and our 'intellectuals' pay a life long allegiance and obeisance to their mantra and diktats of India. If ISI or fundamentalist could not have been detected - why is it not that our Government, the media and our intellectuals point those same ugly-accusing fingers at the RAW? If we decide to absolve the RAW from complicity in such occurrence are our investigations really complete? Have all the areas and conspiracy theories been readily taken into cognizance? If not - why NOT?

By leaving the RAW's involvement aside, our 'intellectuals' and India loving cronies would try and make the Indians look kootchie kootchie innocent. If there were even one investigation that looked at areas of RAWs involvement - I would have probably been pacified, but that has not been the case. Thankfully the scenario is going through a great change and not known to expatriates like Jaffor is that - thirty years is a long time for India to fool the people of Bangladesh. You can fool some people some time, but not all the people all the time! Yes I do believe that we need to set our house in order - and I certainly want to give a benefit of doubt to my own people, but how do we do that with seemingly 'educated' people openly collaborating and standing as apologist for India?

Jaffor states 'After all, we need some opinion maker to thwart the publicity of ISI related activities that may be going on in the land over troubled water such as Seven Sister Hills states in India'. Wonderful - but how about letting India worry about that - why does a Bangladesh scribe have to loose sleep about the Seven Sister States unless he is being asked by the Indians to do so? Or is it that public proposal last year as a.k.a Abul Hasanath for an 'economic and political confederation' with the Seven Sister states with Bangladesh as its moral epicenter has somehow boomeranged and he now sees prospect of this inadvertently becoming a 'military confederation'? An ISI axis in the RAW - good gracious!

Yet in another paragraph he states :'All indications are that over the last two decades this nation of Bangladesh has become Islamic fundamentalist's denizen'. Those living in glass houses should not be throwing stones - also politics makes strange bedfellows. Jaffor should be knowing better about our Islamist . He was closely involved with the Islami Sangha (the fore runners to the Islami Chattra Shibir) as an 'active participant' in his 'chequered past'. However fundamentalism for this lot in Bangladesh is almost like shadow boxing or perahps 'fun-da-mental ', fun by driving people to a 'mental state'.They exist in the over heated imagination of the likes of Jaffor who have now taken on the fashionable role of being 'anti-fundamentalist' - because living in the US will give them an audience to listen to this stale nonsense, and additionally there is strong Indian backing to such propaganda.

I for one cannot understand how the hated mullahs who democratically do not even win three seats in our Parliament can deserve so much of attention? There is ofcourse a hidden agenda. The Islamist knowing only too well that they stand nowhere in the politics of Bangladesh and are fully aware of the need for publicity. Even negative publicity is PUBLICITY! Our media and turncoats like Jaffor, are readily available to provide them just that. Prior to polls time their secularist Awami League will pay obeisance to the Jammat chief to win them those hard to earn Muslim sympathy votes that otherwise the so called nationalist BNP will claim as their own. This is a classic case of 'chor ray kou churi koro, grihostaray kou dhoro dhoro' or tell the thief to steal and ask the peasants to go catch 'em - but again I insist, times they are a changing - perhaps too fast for many to comprehend,

It would have been wonderful to read anything of interest in Jaffor's article on the recent border skirmishes with India. True to all 'patriotic intellectuals and scribe' in the employ of India here in Bangladesh, not a word has been uttered - such is their 'gratefulness' to India. In Bangladesh when rural common folks unitedly resisted the Indian aggression of Roumari in Kurigram and Bangladesh had to retreat from its own territory Pyrdiwah on orders from the defeatist Hasina Government, while the histrionics of the Indian media of late has appropriated the blame on Bangladesh to criminal misadventure, and while Bangladesh's flag is burnt in Chandigarh - and this, morning when India demand's the Court Martial of General Fazlour Rahman the BDR Chief only for defending his motherlands, when sixteen Indian BSF were killed within our territory in an open example of aggression - all our ' patriotic scribes and intellectual' who will otherwise find a plot of the ISI and 'anti-liberation' elements in any occurrence in Bangladesh are dreadfully and suspiciously quite ! Is this because of a fear for India - or is this because of their love for the big brothers across the border - we shall soon find out. Stay tuned.

An old Bengalee proverb: When a fish rots - its starts from the head. The Bangladesh 'heads' are stinking and the next weeks will tell the world why.

In the meantime, a three-letter prefix code for Agents for Bangladesh is urgently required. AFB doesn't sound bad - does it? It will sound interesting to read a Kolkata newspaper headlining : Blast in Kolkata : AFB links suspected! Bangladesh will have entered the fray of the intelligence community and hopefully earned a notorious respectability.


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