Saturday, July 13, 2002

MuktoChinta - Urgent Action Requested: HRCBM's relief money looted

Re: Urgent Action Requested: HRCBM's relief money looted
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 12:44:16 +0600

If one takes the trouble of going through the glaring gaps in the testimonies there is no doubt that this is a clear case of misappropriation of funds generated by expat Bengalis for this anti-Bangladesh, anti-Muslim hate group by the HRCM supremo in Bangladesh Advocate Rabindra Ghosh and an attempt to divert the entire issue by blaming the Government of Bangladesh, intelligence bureau etc and the 'terrorist' of the Supreme Court etc. This is a very old game and one that the HRCBM has only recently learnt.

If anybody takes a careful look at the Bengali FIR lodged with the Ramna Police in the first message, one will clearly note that Advocate Rabindra Ghosh :

a) Was visiting Chittagong to attend a Hindu festival, and NOT to distribute funds to the victims of so-called gang rape victims. He clearly avoid mentioning this in his FIR not because of 'sensitivities' but because HRCBM is an illegal operation in Bangladesh.

b) In the English version of his testimony he craftily uses the words 'vehicle' which by implication means a 'motorized' vehicle' in his travel from Azimpur to Kamalapur - yet in the Bengali FIR he mentions using a 'rickshaw' - which is not a vehicle at all but a push pedal means of commuting.

c) He states that the 'terrorist' also used a 'vehicle' in their operation - while in the Bengali FIR he clearly states that they too were using a rickshaw!

d) That is not all - after the incident he also went to the Ramna Police Station to lodge this FIR - in a, you guessed right, RICKSHAW?

e) In the English version he mentions that he was accosted by the terrorists with 'pistols', yet in the Bengali FIR he mentions that he was accosted by 'knives'.

f) It beats any logical explanation why Advocate Ghosh with two bulging pockets full of money should be using a rickshaw which is the most unsafe and insecure means of travel in Dhaka and should be going to Chittagong at 10:45 at night - and that too unescorted and without any protection? Either he is the bravest man in Bangladesh (which his meek response to the 'chyachhra chores' seems to negate) or he is questioning the collective imagination and intelligence of all on this forum.

g) This only points how money collected from expats on the Net, is truly being used/misused by Advocat Rabindra Ghosh and his coterie of anti-Bangladesh and anti- Muslim extremist.

Getting to Mr.Diman Deb Chowdhury's contentions in his response to Mr. K Rahman:

He writes and I quote :
For your kind information, HRCBM had applied to NGO Bureau for legitimacy of the organization and to operate accordingly under the guidance of Bangladesh NGO Bureau for humanitarian organization, which was off course denied. It was obvious reason for police not to register a case from HRCBM for its operation and purpose thereof.
Again a very misleading statement.

HRCBM can apply to the NGO Bureau only and after they have received permission to operate as a social welfare organization by the Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of Bangladesh, and once promissory notes from respectable donors abroad for funding have been received.

As far as my information goes, HRCBM is not a registered or legal entity here in Bangladesh but merely a Hindu extremist pressure group with connections to the Indian RAW, reporting directly to its station chief in Dhaka.

Mr.Chowdhury writes and I quote:
Henceforth, Mr. Ghosh has to file the FIR the way he did. If you have any confusion about our rehabilitation work, you are requested thereof to verify it from the IGP (inspector General of Police) and the Honorable Home Minister.

Instead of 'ordering' us to get in touch with the IGP and the Home Minister, can the HRCBM or Mr. Dhiman Deb Chowdhury be kind enough to show their registration certificate with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of Bangladesh - or display it in their website for the WORLD to see?

Mr. Chowdhury writes and I quote:

I hope that you understand ground situation, legal formalities and other relevant matters should you require further information in this regards I will be more than happy to explain it to you.
We understand the 'ground realities, legal formalities' but do you Mr.Chowdhury?

We look forward to your 'explanation' and clarification of the above.

Readers, should Mr. Dhiman Deb Chowdhury fail to produce these documents I guess it is high time for all of us on this forum to immediately launch a petition drive to the Government of Bangladesh to BAN all activities, covert or overt of the HRCBM with immediate effect and arrest Mr. Rabindra Ghosh and his other communal, hate mongering co-conspirators.


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