Saturday, March 05, 2005

Lest I be Called a gODLess Atheist


is only an opiate
that our system activates
to heal ourselves.

it is to gOD
that we turn to
in our saddest plight
in our worst depressions
… when we do not have answers to questionswhen the questions themselves
after all had all the answers
only that we have shut the door on ourselves
and asked the world to bugger-off GET LOST!

gOD is a mere adrenalin rush
that drives us silly
when the ‘rush’
was no more than not giving ourselves time
…say something as petty….
breakfast at 8 in the morning ..
and its not there until 4 in the evening?

gOD is as in Hungry –
when food is like a few steps to the refrigerators
..yet in our doom and gloom 
we do not see the shut DOOR
and others too have shut their doors on our face as well
So hell So well SWELL!!

In gOD (we trust - rest all cash)
it is the ‘not seeing’
 more than the seeing
that drives us insane
And insanity is not an exclusive purview of NUT CASES….

gOD creates all humans temporally ‘un-sane’
 it is only a matter of degree
that misguides us whether its going to be the left,
or the right, or the center
and only
gOD knows best’

if you drive a car (which I don’t anymore)
you would hopefully understand?

gOD is the unseen TRUST
and the UNSEEN gOD
is what we confront everyday
we would like to see
But wouldn’t like to believe
gOD is the distance that causes

‘Distances’ of the soul
and that’s why he created a NUT CASE race
called POETS on the exact day
the days of the Prophets ended

gOD alone knows how many times in the ions gone by
– the ‘complete message’ circled the globe
Billions (any figure after that – just lump em in) of time

Yet nobody understood or gave a Damn
Yet gOD Never ceased to exist in all of us
For the end game It hardly matters
whether we trust each other

It hardly matters if gOD trust us or NOT
It however matters That we trust, TRUST
Or proceed to delete that word from our PC’s,
Dictionaries and memories
and replace the essence of FAITH
with idiosyncrasy, Hypocrisy
have I missed out any?

gOD lives Cause we live
If we didn’t…wouldn’t it be gOD
The unlucky?

Tell me… who on earth would swear,
curse, kill, maim or 'fall in LOVE'

All in gOD’s name If it isn’t that ‘strange creature’


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