Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Re-Axe: Bangladesh: Time Then and Time Now......

Bangladesh: Time Then and Time Now....

From Pradipta Bhattacharya (Tampa Bay, FL)

Mac - serious and interesting insights to the current situation. You have clearly captured the story of last two years - starting with "Care-takerism" to the latest BDR incident.

You also said - which remains unsaid most of the times - that practiced Islam in the Eastern Part of Indian Sub-continent (that geographically includes Eastern Bihar till Bangladesh) is a lot more pluralistic than the world brand of Elitist Wahabism. It has its own ethos - thats totally different from the global notion of Islam.

But given all that - I would like to note here that presence of Bangladesh is a reality that the current Indian Citizenary accepts. Its a different country (in fact there is nothing I believe called Indian Sub-continent that can politically ever exist - however socio-cultural similarity we may have).

So time has also come up for Bangladesh to become an adult country and stop blaming India and Pakistan for all its problems and issues.
Please realize what you have today in Bangladesh - has been created and built by people of Bangladesh.

Whatever political structure you follow is your own. If you do not accept these facts - then resist and build a general consensus across the country. Or are you afraid of your Historical heritage that goes much beyond last 50 odd years.

Its easier said than done - but don't your post made a similar call.
Leaving aside this part of the criticism - I am personally very interested to know more about the political minority - their thoughts and movements. I think a deeper analysis of them will possible provide the world with an alternate image of modern Islamic state.

Could you please continue what you started.


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