Sunday, December 28, 2008

Limits of Our Limitations: A Failed Foreword

If you think wearing Che Guevara T Shirt is sexy
or a fashion statement
things here are a little too risky,
as it could be a reinstatement
of things they said
'exact same' about him back in the 70's
like they do today of Bin Laden

"Bravery is not an absence of fear, but making the right decisions when overcome by fear." Anon

From Sobriety to Propriety
to Impropriety to Notoriety,
my life has been an uphill struggle,
in this concrete urban jungle,
to square off a gaggle of bad humored enemies
of over qualified, yet ignorant and dim-witted adversaries,
who huddle, muddle, meddle and frolic in 'democratic' dispensations,
affording me to unleash a litmus test, to test the limits of our limitations,
a free fall in adjudicating the intent of my intentions,
to thrive in chaos and hysteria, yet be able to see beyond the myopia,
in my heady lock horn battles with the Mind Mafia .

I as a spoilt sport have taken on them all,
people in society who apparently 'stand tall'
in reality these no more than cheap jerks and expensive serfs,
'sponsored' and bonded 'free thinkers' to unholy nit-pickers,
as also rubbished Poet wannabes like me,
down to that idiot writing Daily Star Commentary,
I wonder why there is a dire necessity in this country
for such a wasteful luxury – the toilet-paper industry!
Guys –
'save some water, save some trees, save the Butterflies and the Bees'

or self destruct to make Ecology like Poverty: History
or is it going to be a Free Masonic Nobel Prize - so Hail Usury?

Defiance has been my religion and abject destiny
for I accept no 'absolute certainty'
or willful tampering of my personal suzerainty,
and despite dubious duplicities
I claim no benign divinity in precedents,
of Premiers and Presidents
and or political antecedents,
I belong with pride to the toiling 'guilty until proven innocent'
who Courts will try and hang with abandon
no 'conditional bails' here for foreign jaunts
I am after all the expletive deleted
- Shaala - 'brother-in-law'
sharing turf with occasional outlaws!

Our Press, Police and Politicians
have prostituted Public perceptions
leaving us haplessly bare
to a culture of despair
that obviates Poets like me to dare
the fossilized process of stinking thinking
a gift of our corrupt 'Media barons'
but I yet see hope in our collective horizon
in the 'now generation'
replete with invitations of the swords
armed with guitars and 'Heavy Metal' warrior chords
shove it 'up yours' index finger signals
their vocals needs no defragmentation
but do watch out for a kewl Bengalee translation
and let this not come as a huge 'shock'
while I salute my comrades……Mob-a-Rock \m/

Your narco-fantasia of the 'Spirit of Liberation'
or fears of a Mullah invasion
indicates a self induced hibernation
for you represent a defeated generation
and all that is left for us is to await your decapitation
for it is only natures nature
that you pay for your capitulation.

The implosion
from our unfinished revolution
hopes and aspirations
our self professed doyens of emancipations
'conscience of the nation'
neo-collaborators in a neo-con Millennium,
the devil smiling in freedom skies
never failing to surprise
Freedom Fighters wearing battle scars
wafting today of Perfume De Razakar .

This book could do best without a review,
for you can sense from this 'abrasive' preview
that this could well be an improper follow though
to get to know more about unknown known brigands
of morons behind every coup with
'demon-o-cratic dispositions'

to shake hands of 'join em if you cant beat em' variations
and try as they may to stop this one-man demolition derby
our 'secular' ideals are as rarefied as our Mullah driven clergy
or shall we be laid back and wait out our awaited nightmare –
The Ummah-tic Republic of Theology?

If you are visualizing collaboration,
'read' first Harold Rasheed's illustrations,
If you need a shot of inspiration,
grab Nadeem Rahman's 'Poems of Expiation'
If you are looking for my life's mission,
and loose talks of a revolution
and there's still a chance for Music education,
do consider Gil-Scott Heron,
The Global Minister of Information.

If you think wearing Che Guevara T Shirt is sexy
or a fashion statement
things here are a little too risky,
as it could be a reinstatement
of 'exact same things' they said
about him back in the 70's
like they do today of Bin Laden
so remember Guyz
.....Che is no Iron Maiden
……and here is a little caution
wear him with pride whatever, wherever and however
but sieve every bit of disinformation and look for the emancipation light
and don't forget what jAH said:
'never give up the fight'**

There being no gratitude more gratifying than my ingratitude,
as also my non-linear latitude
a legacy of my bi-polar platitude
and just in case
you guyz just about a wee bit care
and are keen to hear
the continuity of my heart beat,
and want to know what made me consider retreat:
do check out my 'twin' groove on the NEMESIS drums,
and don't forget to ask him ever so politely about his Mum!

* Lyrics from my late saxophonist friend late Travis Jenkins song.
** jAH Rastafarai – Bob Marley

© Mac Haque, Niketon, Dhaka : 9th September 2008


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