Saturday, July 21, 2001

Shetubondhon - An Agnostic Rejoinder to Kaushik Sen - 2

Dear Dr. Sen,

1. I do not read playboy magazine. My favorite travel reading is Journal of Clinical Oncology. That was a pure joke but your criticisms are well taken.

Not reading Playboy - you must be out of your mind and missing out a great deal in life! Well, actually many people do. Isn't it a wonderful magazine (and harmlessly agnostic), though not too many might read on an aircraft. If your suggestion was a joke, was it in good taste? You do realise that Muslims consider pornography a sin and have a democratic right to express their objection.

2. I think you people are attributing too much importance to India and unconsciously using that country as a standard. I merely refuted that mindset.

Very good - dont you think you too are attributing far too much importance to India as well when you state :

3. My point was that there are more 'official' secular policies in the logistics of India government given the fact that 'official' policies are often quite hypocritical and in a parliamentary system there exists a dichotomy between the official (constitutional) and governmental (legislative) policies.

Why can't the above arguments be made without bringing in India as a reference point?

2. I guess many people have quite horrendous ideas about Hinduism. May be I will try to say a few words about it in the next posting.

You are quite right and any 'education' will certainly benefit me if not anyone on this forum. The problem with Hinduism is as acute as problems with Islam - in that both are wonderful religions with the worst followers concievable.


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