Thursday, September 16, 2004

47 is a peculiar #

Waking up in the morning -
one doesn't really set the alarm
at 47 minutes past something!

Think of an exam (egg-jam) -
and 47 is a mark one doesn't aspire for,
for it only begets the hard fact
that one has managed
to just out-flunk flunking
and that too, by a mere # 7.

If you are driving a car,
47 kph or mph is not any speed worth the cruise
.....and worse a size 47
is not a # one expects
to have a waistline for a trouser
-- not even at 47 ?

47 is only a realization
as how far down (or up) the line one is,
it is only a #
waiting to have us stand firm on who we are

it is also a perfectly wasted #
if you have to comprehend
that one has physically
experienced 47 summers and winters,
of birth, deaths and (yawn!) Birthdays
...but it does make very good sense though
to look up the mirror - and "reflect"
on your only true companion;
the avatar of your "presence" on mother earth....
YOURSELF - for the Mirror never lies.....

47 is a time in ones life
to look beyond the "mental trap" of age
to reach out and move on -
and seek new friends, newer ideas
and share your experience,
for at the end of the day -
there are very few 47
who would like to
reach out
and call
"lower #s"

Narcissistic as this may sound,
I quite liked the emails and SMS
that came in with 47,
for enjoy them as much as I did,
this 47 no one knows
that just a crack after midnight,
I had already wished myself
a Happy Birthday
as much as I wished
the "living soul" of somebody very special
who shared the same Birthday with me
for very many years -
and for the first hard time is not "physically"
around for either of us
to wish - to laugh, to eat out,
and share gifts
and importantly our sorrows.

It's a sad Birthday in a way -
but heck its just another #
and I look forward to 57!
(what a bore!)

Adabor, 16/09/2004

For Nazreen Haque Niboo [16/09/1960-19/03/2004] R.I.P


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