Saturday, May 14, 2011

Of Dead Sam, Uncle Sam, Islam and troubles closer to home

Mac Haque

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it" Adolf Hitler

  • I have often wondered who embedded LIE into the word BE-LIE-VE so call me a 'conspiracy theorist' or a crackpot, I don't buy the story that Sam Bin Laden was gunned down by Uncle Sam's 'brave SEAL commandos' in Abbottabad, Pakistan on 1st May! Taking it beyond 'what's the proof or where are the pictures of the corpse' hungama, I am among millions worldwide who have no doubts that Sam either died in Tora Bora, Afghanistan in 2001 or immediately thereafter due to natural causes. Thus, close to a decade the grainy videos that we had seen of Sam were created by the CIA, and were forgeries.
  • So who was that idiot holed-up for years in Abbottabad? Quite possibly one of the many Sam look-a-likes used for all elaborate hoaxes leading up to Uncle Sam finally 'delivering justice' on a monster it helped create in the first place, propped up for years for a global audience, demonized - and who – applause – 'will never walk on the face of the earth'! A huge hi5 therefore to 'Operation Neptune Spear – Geronimo EKIA' (enemy killed in action) a bewildering 'success story' of how Uncle Sam always comes in to 'save the world' at the very last minute – Hollyweird!
  • Conceivably this is the 'end of a new end', the script writers and spin doctors for the Black Man in the White House (no racist slur intended) worryingly faced with an infotainment hungry world, that sees colors beyond black and white in the ever elusive kaleidoscope of deceit at the expense of the expendable – is what we have as a consequence.
  • If Prez Bam says Sam's dead picture are 'graphic' and 'we don't trot out this stuff as trophies' – for all I care, Uncle Sam's 'brave actions' in the killing of innocent men, women as also injuries and psychological scars to over a dozen children in the Abbottabad compound were 'actions' taken to perhaps preempt Wikileaks on Sam's preserved body; apparently on ice for that many years at a Pakistani base in Tarbela ?
  • Key point – it all began in New York on 09/11/01 and we were led to 'believe' that this isn't a 'war on Muslims or Islam but the mass murderer Sam' and ended with 'justice delivered' to avenge the death of over 2500 victims of the Twin Tower attacks. A small matter that it has been proved beyond reasonable doubts that 09/11 was a ruse and an insult to the imagination of the world.
  • Today there are enough evidence available in public domains that Uncle Sam's 09/11 'story' defies laws of Physics and Avionics. Specifically the speed and height at which the commercial aircrafts hit the Towers, it was impossible to bring them razing to the ground - they would have actually disintegrated minutes from take off. The timing and magnitude of the 'implosions' therefore confirms the Towers with living, breathing humans inside, were brought down by 'controlled demolitions' with explosives ON GROUND? More bizarre, no one has been able to produce the passenger manifest of the three aircrafts or even name the pilots – not to forget, many of the 'attackers' turned up elsewhere in the world – incredibly more 'alive' then dead!
  • Therefore who will or wont 'walk on the face of the earth' is for now a conjecture that will be put to the test of time in this new theater of the absurd. The only thing 'killed' succinctly for the time being is Uncle Sam's credibility, which has been historically suspect as much as it's botched up credentials to 'rule over the world'.
  • For now the heat is on Pakistan – a well deserved fate if we may, for a nation whose corrupt and murderous Prez Zardari, his cronies and his predecessors have already digested over 20 billion Uncle Sam dollars to keep the myth of the WOT (war on terror) alive. If they let them Drones bomb and kill imagined 'militants' (and it really doesn't matter if innocent civilians are the ultimate victims) more greens are on the way hopefully.
  • Perhaps worried about 'Delhi doing an Abbottabad' – Pakistan's tall talks of reprisals against future incursions in its territory falls way short of seriousness, and like it or not the inevitability of Uncle Sam's 'boots on the ground' in Pakistan is more a matter of fixing a calendar date. 'Time' is already up.
  • India is also likely to fall into Uncle Sam's bait given its 'regional superpower' ambitions and in the process will waste much of its resources. With turmoil's in Pakistan definitely spilling over to India and cascading down to Bangladesh, we are not talking of yet another dishum-dishum war 'sponsored' by CNN or Al-Jazeera – but an Armageddon that will seal our collective fate as there will be no 'winners'.
  • That brings us to issues closer to home. Of late has anybody taken a serious notice of Mullahs hawking hate on the streets or the debates on 'Islam' that have taken center stage? Turns out that our politicians have become 'theologians' overnight and speeches these days are sounding more like sermons ! Dabbling in their 're-born' Islamism of the 'moderate' variety, these jokers have no inkling about the dangerous turf they have already stepped into; also does anyone have even the faintest idea as to what 'Islam' are they really talking about?
  • From the misogynist Mufti Amini and Zakir Naik on TV to our Prime Minister, the 'pious' Sheikh Hasina, the version of Islam shamelessly propounded by the Media as 'mainstream' is the Post-Prophet Wahabi Islam of the Arabian Desert, that Bengalee Muslims have instinctively rejected for centuries as this insane zero-centricity has no commonalities with our culture or our traditions.
  • Uncle Sam's agenda therefore is to let our fate hang at the mercy of Mollah elements, in effect permit so-called 'Muslims' in and outside of Government to push Bangladesh back to pre-Islamic 'Jahiliyyah' (ignorance, darkness) period of infamy – a perfect pretext then to 'bomb us back to the stone age' – its unfinished job of 1971 if we may?
  • Meanwhile none of our 'brave' freedom fighters will dare question Uncle Sam on how we ought to try the War Criminals of 1971 – remember those recent raps by Stephen Rapp, 'transparency, accountability, fairness, rule of law, Human Rights'? Why can't we simply 'do an Abbottabad', form an assassination squad and go 'get em Mollah mass murderers of 1971'? We can always say we took Sabaks (lessons) from Uncle Sam's SEALs – can we not?
  • And on to the recent khutba (sermon) of our Prime Minister about Madrasa students wielding sticks in one hand and the Koran on the other, and how sacrilegious and 'contemptuous of the Holy Book' these actions are? If she had visited the Supreme Court building in Washington in many of her PhD receiving trips to Uncle Sam, I wonder how she missed the statue of Prophet Muhammad with a sword in one hand and a Koran on the other.
  • In all fairness therefore, Madrasa students in Bangladesh are well within Uncle Sam's approved code of what is 'right or wrong', and the sooner we understand it - the better! More funds for the Imam Training Program ?

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Friday, 13th May 2011