Saturday, July 26, 2003

For a Better Breakfast: The Inconvincibility of the U.S

Switching our TV sets or flipping newspapers, those time honored habits at breakfast table are things we have to learn to forget as barrages of Media images splash across and stay embedded in our minds for the rest of the day - and haunts us on beyond bedtime with more image updates in the nightmares we all have, sore indicators that Rumsfeld's Shock and Awe campaign is well on the verge of turning into a worldwide psycho-pathological icon - just as much as puking!

In the U.S haste to convince themselves and thereby the world, the death of Saddam's son's, what we are witnessing are attempts to play up on the human psyche a sordid acceptability of deliberately denying dignity of the dead, specially to those that have died violently.

While environmental activist worldwide have made photographing corpses of animals in shoots that our ancestors would indulge in the past, unfashionable - the corpse of fellow man, on one day horrifically bloodied and mutilated, and the next day reconstructed yet NAKED to cater to TV viewer sensibilities, together with parts of shattered limbs and bones and retrieved surgical implants on gory display as proof of death - proves that Uday and Qusay may well be dead - it convincingly convinces us to the state of American inconvincibility. Unacceptability?

The sheer magnitude of intrusive psychological violence allowed to percolate and the ofcourse it was America that saved the world at the very last moment gung-ho Hollywood aberration hypes that we may view at our convenience, or preview for our children to witness later as entertainment, to the wanton desecration of the limited time of the day that humans prefer to be in a reflective and peaceful state of mind - the word PEACE in essence has become a bizarre misnomer.

Ironic that it was the millennium Bushonian doctrine of PEACE that has landed us into this precipitous state. It was PEACE from International Terrorism promised us and we were told either you are with us or with the terrorist - yet we have never questioned that unrestrained psychological violence inflicted on peaceable non-combatants worldwide may also be termed TERRORISM, nor have we thought about how much damage it may wreck on the most fragile human condition - the mind. Millions of $s in Damage?

All that a worldwide coalition of willing pacifist can do, to fight this new and acceptable terrorist threat masterminded by the God's in White House, is write out our ritualistic whining in Editorials and commentary pages in publications that have few readers - the narcissistic truth however, nothing will change the global status-quo unless providence has other plans for us.

Now those are wishful thinking as the arrogant God's in the White House and 10 Downing Street are on a win win streak and have connived to go beyond providence - positioning themselves triumphantly as the Merchants of Life and Death - in their WANTED: Dead Or Alive, machismo, which we thought ended some two hundred years back with the demise of the Wild West!

Prophets and soothsayers abound in the Media embedded New World Order, and while the outcome of the War is NOT in doubt, what has not been bargained for is in Iraq it is/was no WAR, not even battles - they were/are merely skirmishes.

Problem with skirmishes: they cannot be predicted and therefore the prophets find themselves in some sort of unstructured limbo, unconvincingly handle-able but convincingly fraught with risks - given that the natives and their world wide support base of underdogs think they are a conquering Army - not liberators.

Asymmetrical warfare may be a wonderful new coinage suiting the inconvincibility of the military and the monetary, the abject symmetry of it all is it nonetheless whittles down to the cemetery, and in the US, Military grave diggers and morticians have never been more busier - which leaves us to ponder - what next?

A body that made so much sound - lies so peaceful when dead - yet tragically the only sound that we have heard Uday and Qusay making are the ones that have been fed to us through wanton Western media overkill. The two devils are mass rapist, (kidnapping women from the street to do…. you know what!) murderers who have done away with thousands and what have you, and those true impressions apparently lapped up with gusto in masochist post celebration of death by the Bush. Blair and Rumsfeld trio.

Yet in FREE Iraq we haven't heard of one arbitration made against the dead devils, not one woman who have come up to the media to neither say she has been raped - nor one relative of the dead willing to testify in a court of law? The U.S and U.S alone, is therefore the Judge, Jury, Executioner, Mortician and Grave Digger of TRUTH……..God Bless America!

No there is simply no way to deny that the only Weapon Of Mass Destruction destroyed beyond any reasonable doubt, photographed, reconstructed, videoed and now on the process of being DNA'd are two humans who could well have been taken alive, tried, their guilt's confirmed and executed publicly - but that is not going to be - not even with Saddam if the decapitation strikes of the recent past or ongoing present are any indicator.

There is however a catch - The U.S has Saddam's DNA's and unless they capture or kill him - it is going to be a very hard sell to cross-match them with the dead Uday and Qusay we are now feasting our eyes on!

We maybe left to convince ourselves with slides of colorful DNA samples of America's inconvincibility, and won't surprise any of us if posters and other bric-a-bracs of the slides make millions in the holy greens! Let us not forget Che Guevara and Bin Laden's posters!

Rumsfeld will hopefully be up there on CNN grotesquely cherubic as ever:

Sa-Dammit! I mean you guys were 'unhappy' with Uday and Qusay's photographs…..SO we decided to give Saddam a more humane and dignified touch…slides are after all Images guys….take it or leave it…and any of you want to use it for TV, sure thing….we ain't reconstructing nothing this time……but tell you what: your viewers may not be convinced as much as we are!

It is a sorry day for the world that the devils went to their Maker with so little known, so many unanswered question, giving lie mongers more opportunities to lie, and speculators to gorge on more imaginative stories of but and ifs and perhaps and maybe's.

All we can do is pray that the new Bushonian terrorist threat disappear from our collective destiny and we wouldn't ask for NO image or video or DNA's to convince us that they are gone.

Nature has a way of telling us when real devils depart - we eat breakfast better!

First Published 26th of July 2003


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