Friday, July 15, 2005

Poets-R-Us-2: Mom---you Listening?


There are times I had belled chimes
and found it frankly -- flat and boring
and there were times I hit the sky in anger
and found the horizon roaring!

Rain, lightning, thunder -- asunder
was I making gOD up there more angry?

Or is it the change in seasons
shifts and drifts in my heart
that's behind all that crying?

Two weeks down the line-- the rains have eased
yet -- sleep slips slowly into oblivion
and I ask myself what's the point staying awake all night
-- when new dawns never comes with my mornings?


Why is it
that great gOD
you taught me to TRUST
singles poets out for slaughter of hearts
when everything else is well---- hunky-dory,
and as if that's not enough ---
at the end of it all
it has to be poets to do all that explaining?

gOD's cruel joke Mom?

Dhaka, Friday, 15th July 2005e: She said she was a fool to love me, that I am cruel romantic, whose songs are savage, and ravage her soul.

Nadeem Rahman - Faith, Hope and Ecstasy


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