Thursday, August 27, 2009

Never Stop Crying - 2005

"The one who loves you will make you weep." - Argentinian Proverb

Life is a Conspiracy... a Nostalgia
a reality that makes our eyes dewy
but, never stop crying dear ones
Tears are meant for you
and you alone
tears don't soften hearts
of those that have had
far too many tears in one
life time,
but please never stop crying
What is it that needs to be said
......but cant be said?
What is that comes out so easily..........
like 'I love you' or the classic
'missing you' .......
feel good statement's
when the reality is more like
'I think its time for you to go'
or even more brutally honest like
BUZZ OFF honest enough to face anything
and say what must be said,
but please never stop crying....
I cry, because I am Man enough to admit it
I cry, not for myself
I cry, not because there is a child in me
I cry, not because, its a healing process
I CRY - cause it's worth my while
I cry, cause that's the only emotion
worth its worth in cents or dime
when you and you alone know
how much
you have paid
or overpaid
or were short charged
or over charged
or had a 'default' on your trust
I never stopped crying
because there is still a lot of love
left in me
I cry, because somewhere down the line
it makes me what I am
Niketon, Dhaka - 16th September 2005


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