Saturday, September 24, 1994

Bangladesh '94

Aspirations of the people
are best understood by those
that transpire and conspire
in a MIND GAME called Power.

'Power to the People'
the forgotten simile
rehearsed each day,
in desperation and depravation
by politics of expediency
and cultural chicanery!

Half way equality, half way justice
half way democracy, half way treatise,
half baked intellectuals,
with half read factuals,
vexing verbosity's
and trading half understood philosophies
with the Heads
of half literate Ministries.

We are a halfhearted nation,
desperately redefining
our half hearted freedom,
Debating: if this
was a donated moment from the past,

Arguing: passionately,
if it was worthwhile
for so many to have died
and call this BRAVERY,
or sensible to have indulged in treachery,
with the enemy, with all his savagery.

Steal every opportunity
to re educate a forgetful, forgiving nation,
fettered into falsehood,
forsaken for two generations
sordid salvation's
without empathy
and die honorably :

Stripped off tactics,
learnt at guerilla base camps,
comfortable presently,
with improvised sabotage techniques -
in a mind game called,
SURVIVAL, after the battle.....

Demolish everything, but your conscience,
that is invisible
like your real or imagined pain,
only you know better.

'We were right and they were wrong -
Allah came to our rescue'
and so we continue,
to survive on the precipe,
occasionally threatened,
by half hearted reprimands,
and rectification campaigns,
by Committees of the progenies of those
that we raped and murdered.....
orchestrated ritually and faithfully,
by forgotten
nostalgic ex-warriors,
and defeated opportunists,
with no sides of left, right or center.
Abominable fools,
condemned to repetitions
its history
of intolerance,
tragically over centuries.

Power alone has friends,
so suffer and create a buffer
between present times and history...
between terms as confusing,
as Nationalism and Sovereignty,
defeated obsolete and Socialism,
betrayed Secularism for Communalism
complicate and dilate
your implications of sincerity.

At the end of the day,
it is either live to love,
or live to hate,
or is it love to live,
or hate to live
or simply, Love to Hate...
no logical virtues !

Our 'Leaders' by default
- a long list :
satanic dervish
sacred law,
Stephen Ninian
emotional blackmail
voters bank
asthmatic aspirations
hoaxed hope
perspiring progress
morsels of aid
quasi subterfuge
of health and development
holding people
to unwilling ransom,
twenty four, forty eight,
seventy two HOURS or more...

urbanized agitation's
mass fornication
a proud nation of beggars
and cosmetic choosers
and goons elected by its citizens
to trap its illicit denizens
in a roulette game of horror

Institutionalize hypocrisy
and seek a life long ban on democracy
while subservient power brokers of autocracy
make on more assault in our ornate obstinacy
as we patronize an unseen oligarchy.

Let us outlaw Sovereignty
and nurture a benevolent tyranny
that evolves with butchered brutality
of a reality,
which is nurtured
by our ALIEN Bureaucracy.

Bangladesh in nineteen ninety four
is like a ravished
well bedded
over used
who smiles with pride each time
for a price
to its next CLIENT
and calls this

Dhaka 24th September 1994

Thursday, September 15, 1994

Face of Surat '94

you filthy city
translated by God's wish
in your malignantly ironic
national language
without sympathy.

You go polishing diamonds
to assuage your hungry stomach
while those that have long owned you,
made millions and f*****d off
living you to your crumbs and pity!

O Filthy City,
little did you know
that fate was sealed
like diamonds
that you helped to shine
for only those that can afford
to buy and sell
while you put on your smile
in a living hell.

mercilessly betrayed the source
of all that glitzy and shimmies
that your satellite television beams
day in and day out,
night after night
into my bedroom
in one endless mocking dream!

You are in the big league BABY :
the biggest democracy
in the
biggest 'sub-continent'
big breasted women,
their beefy buttocks
in your grotesque ZEE TV.
Not to forget,
the big sized idiots
entertaining millions
with their pompous
insipid life sized ruckus!

Is there an alphabet after ZEE ?
If I where you,
I would call this ITV
or maybe

Your bigger than thou attitude,
We your tiny neighbors
have long withstood
with serendipity,
comically different
that you may imagine
or dish out
from your big time
Bollywood shows?

Your pornography of a good life
shock even the most 'westernized'
your pre-emptive notion
of servile poverty
distorts unwillingly,
with visions

Your fighting men in arms
from the tundra's
to the mighty Himalayas
to the jungles in Assam
clamping curfew in strife torn cities
your self propellant rockets
your nuclear capability,
your greatest sculpture
or 'ancient culture'
your burgeoning consumerism
your world class diplomacy...

could save your embarrassment
and loss of credibility
so unnecessary.

You are in the big league BABY :
In this game
you dont get a chance to say
there is a rat in my kitchen
or a roach in my loo!

When you play in the big league BABY:
you need a spanking clean edifice
and please, please
don't forget your
garbage can?

you are the face of ninety four
filth and wealth
may not walk
hand in hand.

Face, are you India '94

After the devastating plague in Surat, India, September 1994

Sunday, September 11, 1994

Communiqué # 1

Non of you will ever know of my intentions......
no inhibitions, no messy annihilations,
no cheeky pretensions, devoid of any ambitions

No urination's or defecation
no de-ification.....
this ain't no proclamation,
or mindless gravitation,
or thoughtless provocation,
blatant condemnation or patent adjudication nor a
peaceful meditation.

We have no time for reflection,
as our impure self purification
mental constipation, intellectual masturbation
well meaning vilification
or outright damnation, brainless incantation
self defeating demonstrations
can help in some kind of painful preservation ?

Non of you will ever know of the conditions...
attached to this communiqué or communications,
(whatever suits you)
for your cerebral incapacitation's
allows you about one percent of explanation
and ninety nine percent of pure frustration !

Replete though of
thought provoking irritations
amorous titillation's
aimless argumentation for
tacit augmentation
of a formless creation
who knows of all your propositions
of spoken or unspoken passions
and willing or unwilling distortions.

Shall we then talk about control of population,
or rather sit for a conference on Human Extermination
.... or best leave it ....
to HIS best judgement,
for you are only human,
and NO two of your kind
can ever have a common
A G R E E M E N T !

September 1994