Sunday, September 11, 1994

Communiqué # 1

Non of you will ever know of my intentions......
no inhibitions, no messy annihilations,
no cheeky pretensions, devoid of any ambitions

No urination's or defecation
no de-ification.....
this ain't no proclamation,
or mindless gravitation,
or thoughtless provocation,
blatant condemnation or patent adjudication nor a
peaceful meditation.

We have no time for reflection,
as our impure self purification
mental constipation, intellectual masturbation
well meaning vilification
or outright damnation, brainless incantation
self defeating demonstrations
can help in some kind of painful preservation ?

Non of you will ever know of the conditions...
attached to this communiqué or communications,
(whatever suits you)
for your cerebral incapacitation's
allows you about one percent of explanation
and ninety nine percent of pure frustration !

Replete though of
thought provoking irritations
amorous titillation's
aimless argumentation for
tacit augmentation
of a formless creation
who knows of all your propositions
of spoken or unspoken passions
and willing or unwilling distortions.

Shall we then talk about control of population,
or rather sit for a conference on Human Extermination
.... or best leave it ....
to HIS best judgement,
for you are only human,
and NO two of your kind
can ever have a common
A G R E E M E N T !

September 1994


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