Friday, May 23, 2003

Alochona - Response to "The Equality Myth" article

Dear Alochoks,

This is in response to he Equality Myth article

It is a sad day when one wakes up and stumbles into something as gross as this article and while it still beats me what the writer was trying to address (other than an attempt to appear controversial) – it does seems rather unfortunate that his arguments are frayed on logics and reeks of blatant male chauvinist supremacism which is thoroughly unbecoming for a magazine of stature like Alochona.

The problem of the world are heavily influenced by 'supremacist' notions of anything that we do not have a capacity to address in a reasonable manner or have a tendency to have fixated myopic visions about – and nothing more blurs the imagination than this atypical mindset of the MALE.

We thought that such mindset's reside in obscure villages in Bangladesh giving leadership to 'fatwas' of the male - who then go about whipping women to death at any affordable opportunity - but I guess that we have been proved wrong? They reside in cyber forums too!!

I therefore want this 'Staff Writer' of Alochona to question his conscience and look beyond the 'mirage' that seems to be enveloping (haunting) him in the facade of his 'sexless mind'- betraying him in his half hearted 'column filling' at the expense of theintelligence of Alochona readers – to ponder the following that neither his collection of Dictionaries or Studies will ever reveal.

I am prepared to be proven wrong.

Women may not be equal to men and one can go on and on giving us as many arguments to justify that myth if we may but let us give fair credit to women that while they may not be to any male, they surely are far SUPREME as human beings they have a physiological ability to give BIRTH to MALES (and females) who then grow up to mouth all kind of vile diatribes on e-forums about the very 'vessel' that reached them on to the shore of LIFE - a shore we call 'Mother Earth' for some inexplicable reason!

I wonder if we are being a trifle ungrateful here?

If we are going to be talking about 'division of labour'let us not forget that MAN is condemned to labour in life, while WOMEN are condemned to labour at BIRTH.

Till such time the MALE species is incapable of delivering babies it might be a wise exercise that Alochona upholds the lofty principle, that all that is wonderous in the world today is because of the cumulative efforts of both MAN and WOMEN and NO one species is more superior than the other.



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