Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Interview with Sharon Chadha - Part 8

But only because I asked for it. So take a break from all that unsolicited crap you are constantly inundated with and hear the direct scoop from Dhaka's greatest lead singer ever, Mac Haque of the band, Maqsood O'dHAKA. Yep, the greatest band to have ever emerged from the Bangladesh Delta. [Note to Mac: I mean dELTA.]

Mac: The first advice I would give is that the West is to climb off its high pedestal and start accepting advise especially from the third world, whose experience is far different from many in the first or second world - or for that matter many of the Islamic nations of the Middle East.[Blogger's note: Ouch! But, even if it's painful, we should hear him out, folks.] Mac: The West set a bad precedence post 9/11 in disregarding many people’s civil liberties and human rights. Even in many democracies, rulers have shamelessly taken advantage of this new reality. The denial of civil liberties mean that over time, the world will NOT be divided into Good versus Evil regimes, but Tyrants versus the Free World. . Mac: Thirdly and most importantly, pre-9/11 the West – and the UN - supported self- determination movements all over the world. Because of the WoT, many of these movements have been sidelined and unfairly accused of terrorism. .‘Low intensity wars’ border wars, such as those India is experiencing, create refugee crises and are prone to escalate and provide an opportunity for lunatic Jihadists on either side of a porous border to link up and destabilize the region.
Scroll down to see Parts 1-7. And check out the YouTube video I'm about to post above.


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