Monday, July 09, 2007

Interview with Sharon Chadha - Part 7

Well, at least on this blog he does.In part 7 of my 10-part interview with one of Bangladesh's most popular musicians, Mac Haque, lead singer of the band Maqsood O'dHAKA, I ask him whether the global jihad movement will change Islam in the world. See the Intro to this series and Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the interview here.This was his response:
It is only a matter of time that a ‘truce’ of some kind will be declared in this WoT, which many liberals and conservatives regard as a war against Islam. I don’t know how or when this will happen, but perhaps it will require a ‘regime change’ in Washington.The examples being set in Bangladesh are unique and many Islamic nations would benefit from emulating our model. Bangladesh can lead the Islamic world importantly by showing how it always helps to go that extra mile to defuse friction and strife.
Be sure and check out one of his concert videos on the YouTube link provided below.
And stay tuned, tomorrow Mac will be giving some advice for the West.


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