Sunday, May 13, 2012

Solace in Solitude: Pitfalls without Pity or Piety - 2005

Quotes: "Events will take their our course, and it is no good being angry at them; he is happiest who wisely turns them to the best account." - Euripides
Love is a dependency trap
we say we Love
because gOD created LOVE (oh my gawd!)
dishonest as we are, we never say -- we love
cause we want to be loved.
LOVE is a 'I scratch your back and you scratch mine' necessity –
yet hard as it is, there are areas in the body
that none can reach.......heck – and that 'scratch in the back'?
you can half do it yourself –- but if anybody else does it
and of course, there are so many other things HEAVENLY
those that in love can do – adult/children are we –
or is it adult with child pretensions?
We all LOVE to say we 'fall' in love,
but hate to say that we have probably fallen
into a ditch, a quicksand, or a garbage pit?
but strange isn't it –
we have found no replacement
to 'FALLING in Love'?
Let us not blame LOVE for that fault of LOVE at all
neither is it the fault of those that
have had a hard fall
or a soft fall,
or a cushioned fall,
the fact is
-- while falling in LOVE –-
we also fall and fail...
like fall from GRACE
fall from DIGNITY
fall from whatever we hold dear and honorable
an unending TUMBLE, down, down and OUT
When we fall we actually LOVE
the climb back
which is harder
for we know that in falling
there is NONE around
then your own being
having to do the 'hard job'
of collecting and reshaping
all those broken pieces…
fragile -- as in shattered?
LOVE is more then chemistry
it is the senses
that those insensible enough in love,
indulge in with blatant insensitivity
a merger of the 'sOUL'
when the sOUL in question
is something that our eyes don't see
much like the formless, sexless, etc, etc,
being .....gOD
that we worship,
and despite his apparent NOTHINGNESS
-- its amazing that he has brains
and intervenes in 'affairs of Man'
with his 'hands' and we go on to say
'LOVE is made in hEAVEN!'
-- now beat that?
Yet- - we never stop loving
cause FALL as hard and heavy as we do
the swim back UP from the dark pits
from the whirlpool that has sucked us
into an Oceanic Grief,
long and horrific as it may be
is one we must do –
for tired as we may become
we long, much too much for that one
LONG BREATH – up in the open
ALIVE --- whoa!!
At the end equation
we will decide to 'fall' again
but for one like me,
'Comfortable in my sorrows'
which none, but I am to blame
I seek solace in solitude
for religious I never was,
yet the 'spirit' in me tells me
"Hey dude how more lonely can you be?
Think of your ONE gOD ......
could you be LONELIER then hIM? "

Niketon, Dhaka, 1st August 2005


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