Tuesday, October 18, 2005

End of Music – Back to the Earthworm

Imagine a world where Man has
been snubbed out his gift of Music,
a world where lyrics are ‘seen and read’
– never understood,
a world where children babble inaudible,
and mothers suckle children
without a lullaby,
a cold nuclear summer
shudder and shatter the earth beneath
kills trillions in seconds,
living Man is not ‘man enough to realise’
the catastrophe
of what just happened….deaf?

Peace on Earth will evaporate the day Music does,
and one wonders if birds would still be chirping,
if they do…..Would it still be Music?

Music might as well live
if the ‘hearing world’ wants to
for the day we kill Music
will also be the day
we ought to kill earthworms –
or maybe we deserve
to be earthworms
……blind, deaf, fleshy juicy baits for Bats
back to where life probably started
back to the deepest ‘pit’ of our unknown?

Niketon, Gulshan, 18th October 2005


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