Wednesday, December 12, 2001

On Closure of Alaap

Re: A Notice to Our Members and Readers

"In the WAR between truth and falsehood - falsehood WINS only battles, but truth the WAR" ~Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, 1972

Dear Mr. Syed Munir Islam,

It is with deep regret that I learn of your decision to close down Aaalap. Nothing could be more painful to me, as over the last one year I have seen how painstakingly you have tried to evolve a culture of healthy debate on your forum.

However, the reasons you cite for your decision are unacceptable as you fail to realize that this is exactly what those that you mention with the decency of not naming would want you to do. They have seen that they cannot take you on 'word for word'-the tenacity of your probing and logical arguments. They know you are a 'politically correct jihadi' - because what you indulge in as a natural practice is the highest form of 'jihad' - logic, argument and debate, as opposed to the lowest: bad language and weapons. They have seen very well that you are somebody that, unlike them, will not take SIDES.

They have seen that try as they might, you will neither succumb nor submit to the atrophied notion of recognizing only two colors, i.e., black and white, or the mentality of either you are with THEM or you are with US. Agree to agree - if you disagree, you are an ENEMY, a Razakar a Jamaati (have I left out any?) - signed, sealed and delivered.

They do not see the rainbow that you see - for they do not see the sky or anything in front of them, for somehow, and this is what is truly bizarre - they believe that our eyes are placed at the back of our skulls.

In reality, they do not believe in the natural process - so they do not have the refinement or sensibility to understand or adhere to the complicated realities of today's kaleidoscopic world - a vision that Aalaap has tried so hard to enshrine in its practice and policies.

Clearly you have proved to be the 'superior being' with your intellect, charisma and perseverance and this is where it hurts them most- for in their fashionable naivety, as history will tell us, they do not - or have not accepted or tolerated any 'superior being' period.

While they speak eloquently about 'democracy and free speech' - they privately live up to the principle and practices of Hitleristic fascist-ocracy and brain washery, where the clear notion is 'toe OUR line or ELSE'! Threats, personal insinuations, bad language and blackmail are the hallmark of their existence.

Like the Police sang - 'Truth hits everybody' - you have hit and you have hurt them where they are the most vulnerable - for you have proved relentlessly that they are nothing but a bunch of liars - and for that, Mr. Islam, they have condemned you to be INTELLECTUALLY dead.

They remain wary that what you may do next is probably a 'demolition derby' (one that I had looked forward to!) and they know that they do not have the mettle to match, confront or survive that eventuality.

They would love to hit out against Islam and the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), because it is the fashionable thing to do - because standing up for Islam in their frame of reference and ignorance somehow condemns you to the back seat of progress.

Had you only stood up and acquiesced to their incessant demonization of Islam, they would have connived to give you the laurel of a 'New Prophet of Secularism' (they have a dire need for somebody as eloquent as you) - your name and photograph would have been emblazoned well across all newspapers in Bangladesh - and of course in their Mecca (or is it the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) India!!

You would have had also the 'supreme honor' of lunching/dining and tete-a-tete-ing with their foul mouthed, bad mannered, High Priestess of Secularism in her now regular sauntering in Miami - and she would have taken turns to make sure that you received a 'PhD on Secularism'!

They say they are 'secular' - whilst conveniently forgetting that it was none other than Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who said in 1973 'Secularism does not mean an absence of religion'. You are right, the ideal they want to uphold is ATHEISM that has never been a part of our culture or our heritage and one that will forever meet strong resistance - take it or leave it.

There can be no better dissection of their mentality than your above message - but at the end of the day - can I remind you that nobody asked you to 'jump in' to this 'local fray' when you were happy without US lot.

Since you have decided to close down this forum, all I can say in retrospect, is you have succumbed to their ploy, and I will not be very surprised if you decide to change 'camps'.

'When the going gets tough - the tough gets going' (or do they disappear completely?) - or will it be aptly - 'if you cant beat 'em, join 'em'?

If you want my sincere opinion - carry on the good job - for you are a MODERATOR par excellence - and keep doing what you do best - MODERATING, i.e., not taking any sides - but the side of TRUTH!