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Response to Eashon Waheed - Who is the real Jamaati?

Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 04:20:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: Maqsoodul Haque (Mac)
Subject: Who is the real Jamaati?

This is in response to Eshon Waheed's mindless vituperations in: RE: An Urgent Appeal to Everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank the Editor of NFB for deleting the selective 'gaaliz' that Mr. Waheed reserved for me, preceding his reactions, which of course has appeared un-edited on their 'very own' e-forum Murkho-Mona, and regrettably on some other forums.

Name-calling when arguments, logic, reason and lies fail - is very much a 'chetona' trait, and in their 'school of indoctrination' it is passé. Given their 'raving example' in the infamous Dr.Dr.Dr.Dr.Dr.Dr.Dr.Dr.Dr.Dr.Dr,Dr.Dr Sheikh Hasina Wazed Miah(phd 13) - I am neither too worried or surprised. Indeed, in some odd way, I think these insipid 'shikkhitoe jons' have been merciful!

Despite their abject 'progressive' and 'secular' public positioning and posturing, this lot can stoop to innuendoes whenever they are challenged or cornered with facts. It's an old and well-known game of those afflicted with a fascist mentality and now fashionable in their 'e-bibriti and petition baaji'.

Apparently, patriotism is their very own monopoly (so widen your mouth 'ha' and gulp 'em WITHOUT QUESTION - even if it is poison) and anyone that dares oppose or question them is of course a 'Razakar-Jamaati- Enemy'. I for one do not feel pushed by this attitude.

'We dare to FIGHT, we dare to dream, we dare to WIN' - Siraj Sikdar

Mr. Waheed wrote, and I quote:
If I remember correctly, Mr.Haque in one of his recent articles (one of too many:)) has declared that the Jamaatis did not murder the intellectuals, the Indian Army did and actually he has proof to this effect. Since that day I have tried to keep my ears and eyes open...so I might not miss that monumentous day on which Mr.Haque chooses to unleash his Historical (hysterical?) proof on us. Actually Mr.Haque is a little late.... the Jamaatis have already (time and again) expressed these same sentiments regarding the numbers in 1971 and the martyred intellectuals. Or it may be that Mr. Haque takes his cues from the Jamaatis!

He starts by saying I am a 'Keeper of History', which, of course, I have never claimed.
My position on history is very clear. We have to view all options and all sides of it and try as we might this cannot be a 'selective exercise', for doing that would mean our progenies will accuse us of not being fair, unbiased, reasonable or intelligent in our assessments. For instance, if my views (which he claims is a Jamaati view) on RAW's involvement in liquidating our intellectuals in 1971 is UNTRUE - what are the facts present in front of him to support his contentions? What have the chetonas done to dispel them if they were propaganda in the last 31 years?


Also, we must try and discard this very petty partisan mentality for history is ultimately the property of the people - not any PARTY. Who we vote for on polls day is no parameter of judgment for what history should be or ought to be.

Mr. Waheed very typically accuses me of being a Jamaati - because what I have said does not conform to what he believes in. But are we all saying the TRUTH?

For readers' guidance, I am quoting from my original contentions - a rebuttal titled 'Tokenistic Weekend Historians: The Patriotic Razakars' that Mr. Waheed is implying.
Readers are requested to view the entire article at their convenience to find out for themselves what I had said - and whether it is at all a Jamaati 'position' or propaganda.

One Mr. Shafiq Ahmad wrote (Presumably Mr. Waheed's pseudonym):

If these were not the thugs who kidnapped the martyred intellectuals of Dhaka city then who did? Who were they? Were they aliens from a different planet who vanished in the thin air after murdering en masse the most illustrious sons and daughters of the soil? Did they disappear underneath the ground after completing their "Shoni Shoitan Nirmul Obhijan"? Did the deep waters of the Buriganga part for and then closed again behind these holy assassins like the Nile had parted and closed behind Mosses and his cohort? Is It not our national duty to find out.

I replied:

"Conspiracy Theory books in Dhaka on the intellectual murder and what the writer says above is only one side of the story. The other side, however, is of the opinion that a hit squad of Indian RAW operatives entered Bangladesh for the express purpose of liquidating our intellectuals."

Mr. Ahmad wrote:
If these were not the thugs who kidnapped the martyred intellectuals of Dhaka city then who did? Who were they?

I replied:

1. Those that were killed opted to stay and work in Dhaka without crossing into India till the very last days in occupied Bangladesh, given credence to the Pakistani propaganda that ALL IS NORMAL IN EAST PAKISTAN.

2. Some of those that were murdered were openly supportive of Pakistan and gulped the Pakistani propaganda that the War of Liberation was a Hindu plot, against the Muslims of East Pakistan.

3. That the Indians wanted to cripple the possibilities of post independence Bangladesh by liquidating these intellectuals taking advantage of the post 5th December 1971 scenario, when in reality Dhaka was besieged by Mukti Bahini guerrillas and the Pakistani and Razakar forces cornered into the safe sanctuaries of Cantonments.

There is an acrimonious problem that lends further support to the above conspiracy theory hypothesis. The culture of blame post 1971.

It became a passé fashion those days to condemn all that stayed back in occupied Bangladesh and did not go across the border to India as collaborators, as if all Bengalis are supposed to be BRAVE! Had these intellectuals survived - what would we have called them - PATRIOTS?"

Having re-read this article (one too many as Mr. Waheed infers - history MUST not be a weekend pursuit) - I now know exactly what it was that upset him that resulted in his 'gaali-gaalaz' reaction. I quote it below for readers' amusement.

Mr. Ahmad wrote:
The mere speeches that collaborators like Golam Azam and the members of the central leadership of today's Jamate Islami delivered inciting violence against "miscreants," "Indian agents," and "Collaborators of Brahminism" etc. are enough to have them convicted and handed heavy sentences in any impartial war crimes court. The mere document embodying the Central Peace Committee resolution directing Union. Peace Committees to "eliminate all Hindus excepting malees, dhopas, napits, methors" and other lower-strata Hindus of the menial occupations is enough to have the surviving members of the Central Peace Committee convicted of war crimes.

I replied:

"The less said about Golam Azam the better it is for us. Since we could do bugger all about him it is better that we let him die a natural death and let God decide the course of justice. Or is there a patriotic 'death squad' brave enough to liquidate the Jamaat Chief up to make the supreme sacrifice ala Hezbollah?"

I leave it up to readers' imagination to try and decipher who the real Jamaati among us really is?

Before I end - an apology is due. The number of people killed in 1971 as discussed in the Liberation War Museum (the Mecca of Chetona-ism) last year was less that 100,000 (one lakh). It was a typo on my part - but 'intelligent' people out there should have known that to arrive at the figure 10,000 - a comma appears after the first zero, not after the second, i.e., 100,00!

In any case apologies are due to those that thought it was an affront.

What was the figure arrived at - after 'due consideration' from 'chetonaz', who attended the face-to-face exchange?

Well, let's keep bygones as bygones - it would be far too embarrassing for Mr. Waheed!


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Blogger mustapha said...

agreeing with "mac"

Any crap that the nation of hindustan , exports to Bangladesh, is
lapped up like shit flavoured lollipop by . us chodu's.

Could you handle a truth commission.???

There are scores of documents and photoghraphs of Men around
the "Netri's of today , that trained as Indian agents in Dehradun,
there are evidence of bohemia and decadence of these same people.

Who was not a pakistani , at the time of li9beratiopn ,. this
independence is nonsense, we were never dependent . We were
seceded from that state , and unfortunately it came about , in a
violent manner.

All the buddijibis , lived and worke in East pakistan , during the
whole, movement , Munir Chowdhury , had been requested time and
again to go over to India , did he , No way , he was Working .

If he had lived , no way would graduates from Dhaka university ,
become scum of the earth . He simply would not have allowed , any
false propoganda , top be printed in textbooks , and the education
system would have surely remained in English as it should have
been. Transparent and unbiased.

Did the Pakistani army or the masterminds there , have any cause to
kill , citizens and intellectuals , scientists , and Namazee members
of the East pakistan. Especiallly during the day before they
surrendered. ????

No way , Who did the pak regime surrender to? our local Bastards ?
no way , they surrendered to G. Aurora , who is he? where were
everyone else. Was Pakistan then fighting India?

Where is all the military hardware , that the surrender brought
about as ganymede. Why were the borders of India closed for over 30
years , floodgated on 26 march 1971.

Who directly benefits , from a consumer society , devoid of
intellectual navigators.

My friends , try to realize the enemy . and wash out all those
programmed , and conditioning elements of your mind , like in my
last article i wrote about , big funky words , that we were forced
to swallow like , horsepills, with no investigation as to the truth
of events.

All documents , ordinances , statutes , in BGD , following the month
of December , were counter signed , along with SK Mujib rahman by
General Arora.

My friends , if anybody has been fucking our motherland , then look
for the country with the shortest penis. That could reach us ,
without crossing Rail tracks.

Check the evidence


3:01 PM  

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