Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Shetubondhon: Post Roumary Debates with Kaushik Sen - 1

Mr. Sen wrote:

"Ten gallant Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) soldiers fought back this insurmountable Indian aggression - with loss to more than fifteen BSF and Indian Army soldiers ? with one death on the BDR side. And then CNN and BBC television had Bangladesh as its lead news for three straight days. And then the photographs of Indian BSF personnel hung like animals on bamboo staves were on display in all our local newspapers. And then there were photographs of Indian dead and Indian POWs".This is the attitude of a juvenile delinquent or a terrorist, not a normal person. I cannot even think about a full scale war with Bangladesh. It will be the most devastating incidence of my life whatsoever. How can one glorifyhuman degradation and senseless loss of life?

Ha - another new kid on the block. India you dont give up do you?

This reveals the shallowness of the write-up of Dr. Kaushik Sen. Is he not obviously spoiling for a fight overlooking the fact that all I have done in my above sentence is reveal and report accurately the real irony of the situation - not in anyway glorify it. ordho shottyo thekay shottyo bola oporiharjo?

Truth hits everybody and and I am not surprised that it hits some regular gyaan daata in the forum this bad. However for those of us thick in the middle of the desh things are quite different on the reality level. bechay thaka niye jader juddho - ora joddha - tobay buddhihin manusheyra keno tobay hobay boddha!

I do admit that I am a juvenile at heart and a guerilla in this undeclared war or hostility or whatever with India. I guess Dr.Sen has forgotten that we are progenies of guerilla fighters of 1971, probably the only country in South Asia to have conducted and won such a war, where guerilla tactics was the mainstay of tactics employed. Remember Kader Siddiqui bayonetting collaborators in public that made cover story in NEWSWEEK in 1971? Did the parents of Dr. Sen find it barbaric - (assuming that he was then probably in his diapers )? Did the Indian media glorify it? Yes it did.

Why ? Hey it was 'correct' and then ofcourse India was on a 'win win' situation all over the world - and lest we (the 'ungrateful' Bangladesh) forget : India 'helped' us in our liberation war. Let us also not forget forget also that unlike other Mukti Bahini guerillas, Kader Siddiqui's forces trained, lived and fought inside Bangladesh!

That picture on NEWSWEEK revealed the ferocity of the real situation of people at ground level, not those of the media or some 'pacifist intellectuals' cocooned somewhere in the US I presume. Roumari was likewise no different I am afraid.

Todays war is no different - and out here on the Internet as also the Indian media onslaught, thanks to some apologists, reminds us (a new generation in Bangladesh) that any given level, THE WAR IS STILL ON. This generation is up in arms where 'arms' are no more than their brains (read knowledge) that have to be used to overcome the sustained 'brainwashing' that has been India's terrorist tactics to keep Bangladesh ensnared in unwilling slavery! Exeception of course a few boot licking 'intellectuals' in Dhaka as also on the Net!

Once again I reiteraite - there is no such thing as a 'humane war. In a real war India has got to be more than prepared to face more 'barbaric' acts from Bangladesh than those witnessed in Roumari, if they dare use aggression - a 'friendly' tactic that Chanakya or some such people from history has taught them. Hate mongering - perhaps!

Internet apparently is a 'world forum' and when somebody even dares try to dicate how one thinks, it reveals the parochialism of the one that dares. Unfortunately, WE dare to fight, WE dare to dream - and WE also dare to WIN!

Ayee Internet er joogay morol manushikota ekhoni rukhtay hobay baak shadinota mukto chintar shangskriti gortay hobay.

Last if not the least and why I choose to call myself a juvenile is because of a saying in the Bible.

And he (Jesus) said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven". [Matthew 18:3]

Thanks once again for Kaushik Sen's patronisation !!


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