Thursday, April 25, 2002

Alaap: The FEER Cover: A response to Jamal Hasan

Thu, 25 Apr 2002 18:09:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Maqsoodul Haque
Subject: [Aalaap] The FEER Cover: A response to Jamal Hasan [fwd]

Moderators: Our member Maqsoodul Haque has participated in some interesting discussion on some other forums. Below is his response to some tangential remarks from an expatriate, which appeared on 'sonarbangladesh' recently.

Dear Mr. Jamal Hasan,

I have not read your article - but since you corroborate what the FEER smear propaganda against Bangladesh has already said, can you be so kind enough to let us know your exact source of information, i.e., exact locations in Chittagong and the who and how details of these so-called Talibans?

Reminds me the Awami League Govt. while in power once mentioned a huge Taliban and Harkatul Jihad location in the Sunderban, yet with all the power at their disposal could not trace them out. Later it turned out that this was a plot of an Indian RAW backed NGO to make sure that the Sunderban world heritage site we have is put to waste by firepower through imaginary fire fights between the Govt and the Talibans!

I have a sizeable support group in the Chittagong University and when my anti-Islamic fanatic song 'Parwardigar' was released in 1997 - students played it full blast with speakers pointed towards the Islamic Chattra Shibir quarters for two full days. There was no retaliation. Yet here in Dhaka when our 'chetonized' lot heard 'Amee kichu Bangaleer Mrittu Donder daabi tultay chai ' - in the same album, my life was threatened. Who are more tolerant is for you to find out.

Therefore, your support to the theory, of Bangladesh becoming another Taliban Afghanistan shows not only the power of your over heated imagination - but also your total illiteracy and ignorance on the rudimentariies of guerilla warfare.

If 'support and supply base' is an important factor in any guerrilla uprising there are no so-called 'Islamic ummah' in some three thousand miles around Bangladesh to do so. In Afghanistan it was quite the opposite, and not to forget that the Talibans were a US creation to condemn Afghans to the Stone Age.

Chittagong will always remain a flash point because the US supports the military regime in Myanmar - while offering lip service to Human Rights abuse there, and offering tokenistic support to the oppressed people of that country, in the form of a Nobel Prize to Aung Sang Su Kyi. The important thing for the US and the sidekick Indian RAW interest, are Myanmar's gems and the Golden triangle drugs - the ultimate market being China and the US.

Let's not be so simplistic and blame Bangladesh - which can only but wait and stare back at whatever is happening there on their border with Myanmar.

When was the last time you heard about the US declaring a drug war on Myanmar - like they did in Columbia? I guess you have an answer? I am waiting! I for one don't feel threatened by any mullah - real or imagined!


Maqsoodul Haque (Mac)


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