Thursday, June 14, 2007

Maq's Back with Bauliana

At the very first impression, it looked like a mere Books & VCD launching program in the afternoon at the Russian Cultural Centre Auditorium on the 4th of June. But gradually it became evident that even such a program could turn out to be quite a cultural show, concentrating on musical exuberance, art, literature, handicrafts and fashion.

The flavor of the main event was never subdued anyway, rather the events that followed added something extra-ordinary to it unlike other arrangement of the same genre. Reasons were pretty much obvious.

First of all, concerned audience and media people gathered with an interest to learn more about the first ever book by Maqsoodul Haque, the ex Feed Back vocalist and founder of the band named Dhaka.

Secondly, they experienced a different sort of musical recitation by poet Shams Monower whose poetical work was formally released along with Maq's first publication Bauliana, Worshipping the Great God in Man.

There was band music, a makeshift stall exhibiting different souvenir items, artwork, designer wear, ornaments, books and CDs produced by the creative Media house Ink Mark. Ink Mark dress and accessories were donned by some models who carried out a mini ramp, in between musical performance. The audience were entertained with some refreshments.

But it was Maq and his band Dhaka who stole the show in the end. The program began with an introduction on the books, VCDs to be released, on the activities of Ink Mark.

Mr. Nurul Kabir, Editor of the Daily New Age was cordially asked to get on the stage to uncover the Books and VCDs. Musical videos titled, `Topoddhoni' by Shams featuring his off-the-trend sort of recital (a bit like Mark Knopfler stuff) and the `Best of Ink Mark` composed by promising artists and musicians discovered by the media house, were launched alongside.

Mr. Nurul Kabir, Maqsoodul Haque and Shams Monower spoke at the occasion to express their feelings.

The cultural part began with a video presentation of different tracks from the released two musical video. The presentation featured Avilash, Nahid and Shams Monower; followed by a power point presentation on Ink Mark. Then was the crunch part, live performance. The Ink-Mark artiste rendered a number of songs, followed by a colorful mini fashion show as the models exhibited exclusive designer wears and ornaments.
As Shams came on the stage and performed his stuff audience appreciated him with applause, though Shams could hardly be clearly heard as his instrumentalists played with him. Then it was all Maqsoodul Haque till the end for an exciting 30-minute stand. Starting with Rashik Aamar Mon Bandhia Pinjor Banaichey in his own stylized mode he rendered Aaj Tomar Chithi, Dhonnobad Hey Valobasha and other popular numbers. The audience waited nearly two hours for Maq'd performance and they went mad as the virtuoso rendered 6 songs stole the show.

While the program ran, there was a makeshift stall exhibiting along with the newly released books and VCD for sale and display. Organizer of the program specially thanked Cool Exposure for their support in arranging the event successfully.


Blogger aK47 said...

"concerned audience and media people gathered with an interest to learn more about the first ever book by Maqsoodul Haque" where exactly does mac's "AMI BANGLADESHer DALAAL BOLCHI", published by Shomoy Prokashoni, stands?

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