Friday, May 11, 2007

TV update on Tasneem Khalil's Arrest

Hi all,
I am putting together this post culled from television news sources that I have been monitoring since 7 p.m., with an almost complete account from the Channel 1 report about and hour ago:
  • Channel 1 quotes a letter purportedly written by Mahfuz Anam the Editor of The Daily Star -TDS - which has aparently been circulated to TV channels.
  • It appears that Tasneem was not arrested for any reporting done for or on behalf of, or directly related to the TDS
  • The news report quoting Mahfuz Anams' letter said Tasneem was arrested for purely 'personal reasons' ; matters that may or may not be related to his Blog or to some SMS that he may or may not have sent to others
  • It was also reported that Tasneem would be set free 'soon', no date or time has been made available

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