Thursday, June 14, 2001

Shetubondhon - Re: 'Death Proof' Security and Pre Polls Jitters

A respnse to Mr.Rashedul C.

Now we don't hear 'Uloos' though but Taliban fundamentalists have turned some Mosques and Madrasaas into arms training academy.

Not hearing 'uloos' - this is a farce and gross exxageration? Our minority Hindu community has not been debarred from raising 'uloo dhoni' and never will be - and no one dare even try.

If what you are saying is true,than does it not prove that it is the Awami league - scared of Khaleda Zia's threats, that has put a stop to 'uloos' as part of its communal agenda in the politics of Bangladesh?

This is the age old, most boring and unsubstantiated propaganda of the Awami League that you are now repeating. For benefit of the readers of this forum, Mr.Rashedul C, can you please tell us exactly which madrasa of Bangladesh, have the 'Taliban fundamentalist' turned into 'arms training academy'? I need names of these so called madrasas and correct addresses - and I promise a thorough investigation to readers in this forum.

The only real threat is now the extremist group Harkatul Jihad. They will try to make an unstable situation in Bangladesh before and during the elections. Look at what this group has done in recent time. Incidents starting from the bombing at Udichi function in Jessore, unearthing of a huge bomb at Kotalipara to assassinate the Prime Minister, bomb explosion at the CPB rally at Paltan maidan on January this year, the killing of a cop inside a mosque and recently the Ramna Batamul bomb blast.

Again another round of Awami League's unsubtantiated propaganda. Harkatul Jihad came to limelight in 1998 when it apperently entered the house of the pro-Government poet and 'intellectual' Shamsur Rahman to 'kill him'.Further investigations revealed that the culprits were activist of Awami League. All the kat mullahs arrested (and they were more than a dozen)subsequent to that incident were found 'not gulity' in court and freed.

As far as Udichi, CPB and Ramna Botomul blast's are concerned,the Awami League has so far not been able to arrest or charge sheet any Harkatul Jihad member, despite the time wasted and the vituperative media propaganda since.

About Kotalipara - again we have no other evidence that those involved and charge sheeted are members of Harkatul Jihad, and we will have to wait till the verdict of the court proves their guilt.

Funded by Saudi billionaire terrorist Osama Bin Laden this group has started reqruiting people from different parts of the country and is sending them to the Sunderban forest for arms training.

Another example of the 'overheated Awami imagination' at work!! If you are so sure that they are training in the Sunderban forest's - how come you have not sent in your law enforcement team to wipe them out? Are you not acknowledging the failure of the Awami League by this self defeating statement? If Awami Legaue knows and have access to their whereabout and is not doing ANYTHING about it - only proves that it is not the so called Harkatul Jihad, but indeed the Awami League that is being funded by Osama bin Laden, to carry forward the Taliban agenda in Bangladesh.


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