Wednesday, July 21, 2010

[Debate] Freedom of Speech vs Mawdudi Book ban- Exchange with Mohammad Asghar - Part 2

Dear Asghar,
Thanks again for your kind words.
I believe when it comes to Islam - the language of the kO'RAN and what it ideally means as also the context in which the verses were revealed is possibly the cause for much of the misunderstanding. Fakir Lalon sHAH therefore went into to the root of the Arabic words and its many meanings of the book in his explanations which are indeed worthy of a thorough read and estimation. True he is not well known even in Bangladesh - but for over 200 years his work has survived although there were many fatwas issued to have them banned then - as even today his teaching is considered deviant or heretic by Mullahs as well as some 'progressive intellectuals'. However in my 22 years association with the bAULs all I can say - Fakir Lalon sHAH has left me enriched in his mAREFOTI discourses.
I request you and those that may be interested to visit my Blog - and feel free to use any materials for their research and understanding. My own research in expansion on the book 'bAULIANA - Worshipping the gREAT gOD in MAN' is yet ongoing - with more materials which I will add and go for the 2nd print (reprint) later in the year.
Please do send me mails on separate/personal thread should you require any clarification.
Kind regards
London, 20th July 2010
Dear Mr. Haque,

I thank you for your note.

As you have pointed out, all religious scriptures are replete with messages of violence and killing. Therefore, I do not defend any of them; to me, all of them are the same, but they vary in "degree" of commandment to violence and "demands" put on their adherents to carry out the Divine's Will.

I talk about Islam because I am a former Muslim and the indoctrination with which I grew up still remains in my mind. I also talk about the Quran because it is claimed to be an error-free book, loaded with compassionate and peace-inspiring messages. Upon reading this book closely, I find both the claims to be false, hence my frequent discourse on this book!

I wish I could also be a Baul and follow the teachings of Lalon Shah, even though his messages are largely confined to the Indian sub-continent and they are hardly paid attention to by its people. I also wish if his messages could be transmitted to those Muslims and the non-Muslims alike, who inhabit the entire earth, thus ensuring peace for ourselves as well as for our posterity.


Mohammad Asghar


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