Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shahbag: Re-Dedication to The NOW Generation

I wrote this as a dedication in my 2010 book The Bangladesh Poet of Impropriety without knowing what is in store for the fate and future of Bangladesh. Looking back at the book and this poem, I can only say that I have never been infected by a 'age related bias' and have never treated the youngest of young as anything more than my equals.

There is no worthwhile formula to forecast the future. But Bob Dylan tells us "you don't need to be a weatherman to tell you which way the wind is blowing". Thus the only way we can forecast with a chance of accuracy, is listen to the young around us, the NOW generation and NOT on our terms, but on terms they decide upon.

Shahbag Projonnmo Resistance is an eye-opener, a wake up call that tells us 'the old, the dishonest, the patronizing and the fossilized' - that it is time not just to pay lip service to the NOW but to act upon them as the NOW are only but an extension of our dreams, our aspirations, as much as they are our own belief and conviction. There is absolutely no time for us versus them - it is either us -or  nothing.

Make no mistake  they are not the 'new' generation - they are the NOW generation!



by Mac Haque

To the NOW generation
let the throbs of your hearts
and actions be LOUD enough
to scare the life and ‘ox-faeces’ out
of those that have scared you
over generation after useless generations
into this no-hope, no-win situation

To the NOW generation
time will forever be on your side
if you care to be sublime
and take one day at a time
for life isn’t an instant dream
or merely aspiring for the ‘mainstream’.

If there is still a fight left in you
do so with your head held high
for this Nation has had enough of
gun talks and knife talks and threat talks
and you guyz need to correct that
and engage them folks
With shock talk and ROCK TALK
and any other talk that I still haven’t learnt……
....heck I aint no teacher, preacher, ‘role model’,
or a moral policeman!

If you have to do anything
and move things forward
do it NOW
for you are the NOW generation
and no one can do it better than you
and there has never been a better time
for us than NOW

Let your instincts guide you
to the truth
to reality
to glory
and MUCH MUCH more

Uttara, January, 2010


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