Thursday, April 11, 2013

CLARIFICATION: President of BAMBA Hamin Ahmed's Facebook Status Update

Dear All, 

My attention has been drawn to this Facebook status update of Hamin Ahmed who  other than being the band leader of MILES is also the President of Bangladesh Musician Bands Association (BAMBA). 

I would like to categorically state here that Hamin's opinion expressed in the status update is entirely his personal opinion and does not reflect the hopes, aspirations and views of BAMBA members, nor is this the official position of BAMBA - a national organisation that is 24 years old, with millions of fans and admirers both at home and overseas. Nonethelss the status update has shocked and embarrased me personally as much as it has hurt and offended  many members of the band music fraternity, regardless of whether they are BAMBA members or not.

It should be noted, that more than 500 musicians marched under the banner of "Musicians Alliance" to Shahbag on 18th February 2010, and they included at least two members of MILES. Hamin had his personal reservations about the Projonmo Chottor Movement and did not join the march with us for her feared for his security> Since this was his legitimate concern we have shown our respect to the same. However this must be said quite clearly and unequivocally that the march on 18th February 2013 by "Musicians Alliance" was by no means hypocritical, opportunistic, nor one we had done to 'go with the flow'. 

Regardless of Hamin's status update that has resulted in an outcry all across Bangladesh, I want to state here that we have a lot of respect and regards for Shahbag Projonmo Chottor and the resistance they are engaged against the forces of communalism, misogynism, xenophobia, zero-centricity and hate. As much as the rest of the nation, WE are in full support for the demand of capital punishment of the War Criminals of 1971. 

At this crucial and critical moment of our struggle, history has done us a huge favor. For the first time in our life we have been exposed to state our clear ideological positions. I would like to say, that personally myself  and hundreds of others in the band music fraternity have expressed, decided, and sworn support and solidarity with  the Shahbag Projonmmo Chottor Movement - which by implication is reflection of the peoples will of the last 42 year. We will not back off come what may.

Thanking you, in Solidarity
Joy Bangla 

Maqsoodul (Mac) Haque
Band Leader - Maqsood O' dHAKA
Founder President - Bamba - 1987 - 1991
Member Executive Committee - BAMBA - 2005- Present 


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